Lime Organic Essential Oil by  Florihana
Lime Organic Essential Oil by  Florihana
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Lime Organic Essential Oil by Florihana

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Citrus aurantifolia

We are proud to be able to stock Florihana's organic Lime Essential Oil, as organic lime is difficult to source, and for some time has been out of stcok. From the rutaceae family, the Lemon essential oil, obtained by cold pressing of the fresh pericarp of the fruit, gives off a zesty and fresh aroma.

The Lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia ) is 100% organic and 100% natural. It is obtained by cold pressing of the zest. This plant is cultivated in Mexico.
This organic essential oil is a HEBBD oil (Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil).

Lime is often used for its uplifting and invigorating properties. When diffused, the sweet, clean citrus aroma can clear your mind and encourage mental energy. It can also help support a healthy immune system.

Cold Pressed Lime essential oil is phototoxic. To avoid this, Tisserand & Young (2014) recommend a maximum dilution of 0.7% for topical applications. It is considered safe for diffusion over the age of 2 but should be avoided with children due to phototoxicity.

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